Introducing a dreamlike web series starring DeeDee, a woman on her journey of self discovery through cannabis and mind-bending portals within her home.

Starring Danise Prescott

Music by Boy Radio

Produced by elope productions

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Directed and Filmed by: Eleanor Petry

Hair & Makeup: Andi Metro

Styling: Ella Cepeda

Assistant : Ricardo Martinezroa

Set design, AP: Sierra Stinson



Lynda Sherman of Bremelo Press invited me to create a letterpress card for her first Artist Series


"The fundamental purpose of the heart is to expand and contract"

Sometimes words enter your world to exist for both the highs and the lows. This phrase surfaced when I was heartbroken from my first love. My heart needed to contract and there was no timeline for that. At the same moment I was told I would never love as fully as my first because I would be guarded knowing my past ache. This felt limiting - to prove it false I chose to defiantly love my future partners more and more. To expand.

While running can strengthen your lungs, loving can strengthen your heart.

When my heart stops beating I hope that it is larger than ever before, that it's capacity grows with each breath and feels as full as it feels empty throughout it's lifespan. That it did what was necessary for survival and it did more than it thought it was capable of for love.

More about Bremelo at

More about Bremelo at




A collaboration with artist Serrah Russell for Seattle Art Museum's annual event Party in the Park

Materials included: sea salt, letterpress, laminated photographs, glass containers and globe lights



We’re Still Standing

‘…from where her tears fell’

fake pink carnations, 2014

an installation of pink carnations in the abandoned flower pots along the Melrose block during construction as part of ‘WE’RE STILL STANDING’ an exhibition at CAIRO, Seattle.

go on take everything

Erin Frost and MKNZ,  Go On Take Everything,  Photograph

Erin Frost and MKNZ, Go On Take Everything, Photograph

'go on take everything'
new work by Erin Frost, Leigh Riibe, MKNZ and Sierra Stinson
December 10th, 2015

we are empaths, we are lyricists
we are vulnerable, we are transgressive
we remain, we expand
we endure, we devour, we seek pleasure
we are beating hearts
we are here
go on
take everything

Sierra Stinson,  Two Vessels: Pour Me Out / Fill Me Up,  2-Channel Video

Sierra Stinson, Two Vessels: Pour Me Out / Fill Me Up, 2-Channel Video



By Graham Downing and Sierra Stinson

December 15th, 2014

This is our thesis, it is about the mugs, and season finales, and our cat.
The moulding, and other places moulding, and views of historic brick. 
and shows. and when it wasn't a show. and the baths. and the dinners.
and Graham's first exhibit. and the goose. 
and honesty. and escapism. 
and series finales. and sleeping in installations. 
and four years. 
and three different apartments. and a home. 
and being present. and letting go.
and probably more then anything how a bed in a studio apartment becomes everything

release  by Graham Downing and Sierra Stinson, 2014

release by Graham Downing and Sierra Stinson, 2014

70% performance, 20% song choice, 10% singing ability (solo debut)


'Its soft, close embrace'


Individual sequential film stills created from a super 8 film (below) inspired by 'The Awakening' by Kate Chopin for the publication BLOOD MOON - curated by Olivia McCausland & Leigh Riibe




Loose Leaf is a multi-faceted show about accepting and rejecting the
traditional and formal methods of presenting and sharing information. And "information."

"visual work" and commentary from 16 minds including established galleried artists such as Whiting Tennis, Joey Veltkamp, Erin Frost, Sierra Stinson, Dylan Neuwirth, and Victoria Haven, emerging artists Lucien Pellegrin, Lindsay Apodaca, Ursula Rose, and Lana Sharp, as well as well-known designers, photographers and cinematographers like Jesse Brown, Avi Loud, Charlie Schuck, Kyle Johnson, Jacob Rosen, Erin Sullivan and Eleanor Petry, are presented in-process, un-baked, raw, and in seedling form.

All of these ideas are shown in the manner of work-in-progress "two-page spreads" as if in the pre-production work room of some publication. The viewing of this un-precious, un-framed, un-bound, un-published "information" replaces the process of printing, publishing, and distribution. The viewing, in some cases, replaces the process of reading. Loose Leaf is a show about new methods of storytelling. It is an opportunity to think about how, when, and why we open up the windows and share what we know. Or "know."

Loose Leaf is a Love City Love curated by Laura Sullivan Cassidy and Jessica Carter and staged at LxWxH gallery (Bridge Productions)


Both Are: a compound love story


A group exhibition inspired by J.D. Salinger's short stories, Franny and Zooey.
Curated by Serrah Russell

Allison Manch
Amelia Hooning
Diane Bolme
Erin Elyse Burns
Hannah Russell
Maggie Carson Romano
Sierra Stinson

For Both Are: A Compound Love Story, seven artists were invited to create new work responding to J.D. Salinger's short stories, Franny and Zooey. Using video, photography, collage, drawing and embroidery, the works are varied and distinct as each artist finds inspiration in characters, themes and phrases within the dense work. The works speak to both the person and direction of the artist, as unique sources of inspiration combine and collide to tell their own story.

PRISM  5208 Ballard Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107 Open Daily, 11-7




“I have a theory Seattle is full of sun worshipers” - Sierra Stinson

Expanding upon my programming at Vignettes, I released the book Sun Worshipers in July 2012, a 100-page print compendium of works by 26 artists who represent the city’s unique circumspection and vitality.

The volume is less a catalogue or current canonical tract than an evocation of a state of mind shared by Seattle’s art-making inhabitants.



Frank Correa | Graham Downing | Susan Robb | Kelly O | Debra Baxter | Matthew Offenbacher | Emily Pothast | Amanda Manitach | Ian Toms | Dk Pan | Isaac Quigley | Doug Newman | Serrah Russell | Robert Yoder | Zack Bent | Gala Bent | Shaun Kardinal | Kyle Johnson | Klara Glosova | Lindsey Apodaca | Greg Lundgren | Jenny Heishman | Ryan Horvath | Gretchen Frances Bennett | Mike Simi | 


Cover of Sun Worshipers, Photograph of the Seattle skyline

Cover of Sun Worshipers, Photograph of the Seattle skyline

Detail of Mike Simi's pages, Chicago based artist Mike Simi is represented by SEASON gallery in Seattle, WA

Detail of Mike Simi's pages, Chicago based artist Mike Simi is represented by SEASON gallery in Seattle, WA




A collaboration of words and images between Adriana Grant and Sierra Stinson for online temporal gallery Violet Strays - the text and images combined alternated creating a new context with each click through.



In collaboration with artist Gretchen Frances Bennett who created the art elements I then designed and installed the window installation for her, a bridge between the interior building and the street.

Tacoma Woolworth Building



Sat 5th Sept - 11th Sept

CS features a selection of emerging artists working in a variety of disciplines and aims to bring together work that references or finds its inspiration from the structures, materials and forms of our man-made surroundings. Featuring both the work of artists whose practice naturally fits this theme, as well as those who have created new works specifically for the show. The exhibition is a celebration of architecture, engineering, geometry and construction. The 13 artists have responded the show title using sculpture, installation, drawing, painting, performance, photography and video.

The exhibition has been organised and selected by artist Ric Warren and features the work of 13 emerging artists. With the exception of Joel Dever (University of the Arts London), all artists have at some point spent time studying at The Glasgow School of Art and many now hold studios at Clydebrae Studios in Govan. The show is an attempt to bring together different generations of GSA's recent output, giving graduates with various levels of experience the opportunity to exhibit together and share skills / knowledge. CONSTRUCTS has been put together with a very limited budget with no outside / public funding. The exhibition relies on the hard work and commitment of all involved and particular thanks goes to The White House for hosting the show.


- To build or erect something, typically a building, road, or machine.

- To form (an idea or theory) by bringing together various conceptual elements.

- (in mathematics) to draw a geometric figure that meets specific requirements.

Featured Artists

Keith Allan / Kyla Bruce / Joel Dever / Lorne Ferguson / Caroline Gallacher / Steve Helm / Amy Joslin / Dougie Laing / Jennifer Paley / Neville Rae / Erik Smith / Sam Stead / Sierra Stinson / Ric Warren