Chamber Music / by sierra stinson

I was in group exhibition Chamber Music at the Frye Art Museum curated by Scott Lawrimore. Each artist was asked to create a piece based off of one of the compositions by James Joyce's Chamber Music. I selected XXI and created a photo collage of torn polaroids as well as an inventory of each artist I have worked with in the region, including notes of if they were deceased or have departed Seattle.

Lightly come or lightly go:
Though thy heart presage thee woe,
Vales and many a wasted sun,
Oread let thy laughter run
Till the irreverent mountain air
Ripple all thy flying hair.


Lightly, lightly—ever so:
Clouds that wrap the vales below
At the hour of evenstar
Lowliest attendants are;
Love and laughter song-confessed
When the heart is heaviest.

           — James Joyce




And I’ll Be Satisfied Not to Read in between the Lines, 2013.

Polaroid 600 and acetate. 15 1/2 x 10 1/2 in.