Artist Series


Production manager to an artist grant given to a creative to compose an exhibition using the materials from the current collection of Seattle-made clothing company Prairie Underground. The work is then installed in their gallery space and exhibited for four months.


Recipients of the grant:

Frank Correa, Rumi Koshino, Megumi Shauna Arai, Francesca Lohmann and Lauren Gault

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Francesca Lohmann,  where it was is how it is , 2016

Francesca Lohmann, where it was is how it is, 2016

Lauren Gault , lumpers and splitters , 2017

Lauren Gault, lumpers and splitters, 2017

Megumi Shauna Arai,  escape velocity,  2016

Megumi Shauna Arai, escape velocity, 2016

Rumi Koshino,  O , 2016

Rumi Koshino, O, 2016


Prairie Underground is a company that has been formed and guided by a sustained engagement with art. The community that inspired our company name was a group of activists, artists and musicians. Creators and social innovators remain our most potent muses and collaborators in understanding our human experience.

In 2014 through a series of email and text messages we initiated a project that funds the creation of new work for emerging artists. The program provides a stipend for artists to create a series of work in their chosen medium to be installed in our workshop. Any material or inspiration from our environment may be used as inspiration. Prairie Underground’s products, materials and space are at the artist’s disposal. The work should not be approached or produced as marketing for our company. The grant is intended to support each artist’s individual artistic inquiry. The series they create remains the possession of the creator while we are allowed unlimited rights to share and promote the work.
Art is being commissioned to replace traditional marketing images. With this approach we are advertising Prairie Underground’s commitment to new artistic production and defining this practice as an integral part of our brand identity.
Supporting art remains an essential act to promote social justice through a focus on the individual. The importance of art in society will take a prominent place alongside our environmental concerns. We believe inviting artists into our design practice and investing in the creation of new work will produce more thoughtful design and ultimately a better world.

- Davora Lindner