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2004 - 2008  Cornish College of the Arts

BFA Photography + Video Media

2006-2007  Glasgow School of Art

Environmental Art + Sculpture


2018 a lone - Vignettes + Gramma Collaboration featuring Alexandra Bell, Yrsa Daley-Ward, Leena Joshi, Alyson Provax, Laura Sullivan Cassidy, Tommy Pico, + Martine Syms, commissioned city wide public Installation - Seattle, WA Funded by Bill & Ruth True Foundation

2010 - 2017 Vignettes  monthly / bi-monthly one night only exhibitions featuring under-represented artists - Seattle, WA

2018 Everyday Possibilities of Feeling Like A Totally Different Person - Dakota Gearhart, Prairie underground - Seattle, WA

2017 lumpers and splitters - Lauren Gault, Prairie Underground - Seattle, WA

2016 WHERE IT WAS IS HOW IT IS - Francesca Lohmann, Prairie Underground - Seattle, WA

2015 - 2016  OUT OF SIGHT, King Street Station - Seattle, WA



2016 ESCAPE VELOCITY - Megumi Shauna Arai, Prairie Underground - Seattle, WA

2015 In the Absence of... Greg Kucera Gallery - Seattle, WA

2015 O - Rumi Koshino, Prairie Underground - Seattle, WA

2014 Vignettes Love Party,  Love City Love - Seattle, WA

2013 Vigil : Inspired By Memory 101 local artists say farewell to the Bauhaus block on Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA

2012 - 2015 NEPO5k Don’t Run Non-Profit city wide installations and performance, Seattle, WA

2012 Sun Worshipers Megabodega Family Business - New York City, NY

2012 - 2013 ONN/OF a light festival - Seattle, WA

2011 Show and Tell: Mobile Art Gallery - New York City, NY

Featured Articles


2018 Five billboards in Seattle, Washington Crosscut - Brangien Davis

2018 On Loneliness, Solitude, and Shifting Histories  Temporary Art Review - Sharon Arnold

2018 A New Arts Space, Called Found, Heads for Capitol Hill City Arts Magazine

2018 An Airbnb that’s an art gallery? As Seattle rents soar, DIY art galleries crop up in homes, garages Seattle Times

2017 Seattle’s Underrepresented Artists Get Showcased at Vignettes VICE Creators Project

2017 Q&A: Vignettes Strange Fire Collective - Rafael Soldi

2016 The Tenderness Movement City Arts Magazine - Sharon Arnold

2015 Seattle's Most Influential People of 2015 Seattle Magazine

2014  Entrepreneurs Issue, Kinfolk Issue 15

2013 50 Most Influential People in Seattle Right Now Seattle Met

2013 Good People: Sierra Stinson Glasswing Blog

2013 Dear Diary : Sierra Stinson Art Nerd

2012 Solar Power The Stranger

2012 Future List : The Curator City Arts Magazine

2011 A Marriage of Food Truck Culture and a Gallery on Wheels Hyperallergic

2011 Sierra Stinson Moves Her Bed So You Can See Good Art The Stranger

Professional Associations / ORGANIZATIONS

2018 - Freelance Costume Coordinator - Tigertail + Ya No Estoy Aqui (Feature Length) New York, NY

2010 - present  Vignettes, Founder | Curatorial Director Seattle, WA

2016 womxn's rites, Producer + Photographer Seattle, WA

2015 - 2017 Prairie Underground, Art Director Seattle, WA

2015 - 2016 Out of Sight, Co-Producer + Curator   Seattle, WA

2014 - 2016 On The Boards,   Ambassador Seattle, WA


2014 AFAR Experiences Curatorial Director Seattle, WA

2013 - 2014 Paradisiacal Rites | Saint Genet, Creative Director + Project Manager Seattle / Toronto

2011 - 2012 City Arts Festival, Curator and Manager of Culture Club Seattle, WA

2008  Frye Art Museum 'Sampling And Storytelling' Youth Art Program Assistant to Gretchen Bennett Seattle, WA


2016 Free Witch Quarterly, Writer Seattle, WA 

2014 Volumetric, Bridge Productions  - LxWxH, Writer Seattle, WA

2014 Blood Moon, Contributor  Seattle, WA

2014 Volumetric, LxWxH, Writer Seattle, WA,

#0 Pirate Utopias, Contributor  New York City, NY

2012 Sun Worshipers, Family Business, Producer/Curator  New York City, NY

Publications | Essays

Group Exhibitions

(as an artist)

2014 We’re Still Standing, CAIRO, Seattle, WA

2014 Loose Leaf, LxWxH,  Seattle, WA

2014 Blood Moon, HARD L, Seattle, WA

2014  Stuck in a Rut, CAIRO, Group Exhibition, Seattle, WA

2013  Both Are: a compound love story, PRISM, Group Exhibition, Seattle, WA

2013  Chamber Music, Frye Art Museum, Seattle, WA

2009  Constructs, Whitehouse Gallery, Glasgow, UK

2009  Modern World, Gallowgate, Glasgow, UK

2008  Situational Luck, BFA Exhibition, Cornish College of the Arts, Seattle, WA